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Resonor & mysbc
wish you a golden 2022!

Since gold is real money,

while everything else is credit
JP Morgan

And this is not just a wish; in collaboration with Resonor SA, we offer you the exclusive possibility ofreserve a gold bar, to be paid in convenient installments during 2022.

Gold is the best tool forprotect yourself from inflationwhich is configured as an inevitable "storm" for 2022.

ContactsNowhis mysbc consultant and will also participate in thecontest that includes a gold bar as a prize!


2022 promises to be a year full of inflation.

The United States has already calculated an inflation of over 9% and Europe and Switzerland are also following this inflationary course.


With inflation, your savings inexorably lose value.


What can protect you from such inflation?


For centuries, Gold has been the best tool to protect against inflation and even to make money from situations like the one that lies ahead in 2022.


If there was the possibility to buy a physical gold bar and pay for it in convenient installments starting from 75 .-- CHF / month, would you like it?

To allow its customers to pass unscathed from the inflationary storm that awaits us, SA, Bellinzona has agreed in collaboration withResonor SA, Lugano for its customers particularly favorable conditions for the installment purchase of physical gold (Swiss certified ingots).


This agreement, calledGoldSaver  allows you to invest profitably and securely from as low as 75 .-- CHF / month.

To make an investment it is necessary to make a prior request and it is necessary that this request be accepted by Resonor. For the conditions of purchase, seeattached table.

-GoldSaver prospectus

The purchase option is subject to a financial and anti-money laundering check that will be carried out by Resonor once the investment request has been submitted.. Resonor SA reserves the right, once the request has been evaluated, to accept it beginning the accumulation plan, or to reject it.

Any refusal of the request will be communicated to the customer within 5 days, no expense will be applied to the investor and any amount already paid will be fully and immediately returned to the customer.

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