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Resonor & mysbc
wish you a golden 2022!

... since gold is real money ...

while everything else is credit
JP Morgan

Instructions for SMS marketing:
1. Prepare the SMS message with link to the landing page to be sent
2. Enlist the assistance of a system administrator to access the SMS marketing department
3. Access SIMBIA / SMS / MARKETING and compose the message (in this case it has already been composed)
4. Go back to the SYMBIA / SMS / MARKETING section and duplicate the standard message giving it the name of the specific consultant, and for it select the customers and / or contacts to whom you want to send
5. Send the message
6. Prepare to respond to customers who call or write

Suggested text for the message:

Resonor and wish you a golden 2022; but this is not just a wish; in collaboration with Resonor SA, we are offering you the exclusive opportunity to reserve a gold bar, to be paid in convenient installments during 2022. Gold is the best way to protect yourself from inflation which is now inevitable for 2022. Contact your mysbc advisor now and you will also take part in the competition that includes a gold bar as a prize!

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