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Secure your place in the future of insurance right now

The LifeCoin project

What is LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is a project for the creation of a cryptocurrency (technically a "crypto token ") with the value of savings, investment and life insurance, based onBlockchain.

What will be the benefits of LifeCoin?

LifeCoin will be a cryptocurrency withunderlying poolsin liquidity (USDTetc.), in physical gold, in "digital gold" (XAUT,BTC, etc ...) and in structures (knots) of Blockchain (ETH,Strong,Polygon, etc...)

LifeCoin will be established on the basis of "smart-contracts"which will include a world premiere, not only a capitalization, but also a" life "insurance component based on the principle DeFi; the payment of an "insured annuity" to the legal heirs in the event of the death of the owner of LifeCoin.

Who is the project sponsored by?

The project was launched by SA in collaboration with Intersecura Società Cooperativa. World-class and world-renowned specialists from the crypto world, finance and Blcokchain technology are collaborating on the project.

How can I participate in the project?

In the first phase, the Token constitution phase, each mysbc customer has the opportunity to participate in the project already now, through the acquisition of credits obtainable through the SIMBIA platform. In this first phase, credits cannot be purchased, but can only be acquired with one's own network development work, which consists in involving those people from one's own network of contacts who are interested in the project. For each contact involved, the user of the SIMBIA platform receives 5 credits, which, if desired, can already be immediately switched into consulting services, or, accumulated, can be transformed into Token LifeCoin at the time of the launch of the insurance cryptocurrency.

At what stage is the project?

The project is in its preliminary testing phase. A first beta-test Token was launched in November 2021 to test its "tokenomics". The results achieved in the tests will be published on this page at the end of 2021.

The platform token will be launched in the first half of 2022 (initially as an ICO), functional to obtaining FINMA authorizations for LifeCoin. LifeCoin is expected to be officially launched in the second half of 2022. Customers who have Credits on the SIMBIA Platform will be able to switch their credits in LifeCoin before the official launch.

Who will own and manage LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is based on the DeFi principle, (Decentralized Finance), which in itselfit does not allow for centralizationneither of ownership nor of management. The ownership is decentralized to all LifeCoin holders, the management is carried out automatically by the system throughSmart-Contracton BlockChain according to theTokenomicsdesigned for LifeCoin.

Consequently, there is not even a "centralized distribution of earnings or interests", but the earnings will be automatically attributed to the owners of LifeCoin themselves, who have purchased the tokens, or who have acquired them through their work in developing the network.

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