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"You can learn an art only in the shops of those who earn with it the life. "

Samuel Butler

Are you afraid of the AFA exams?


The main reasons why many fail these exams are:

1. Inability to manage their emotions (these people in exams panic)

2. Poor or not precise knowledge of the subject

3. Inability to understand the pitfalls of multiple answers


In this project, SA offers you a series of tests with the aim of increasing your ability to pass the AFA exams with serenity and success.

How does it work?

1. Click on the "test your insurance knowledge" button

2. Choose the module you want to test

3. Answer the questions

4. If the answer you provide to the questions on the cards is correct, click on "correct answer" and go to the next card: in case of wrong answer, you will be given a review form of the relevant topic.

This training module is approved and supervised byVBV / AFA: at the end of the test, the system will send a report of your interactions with the online test for the purpose of verifying its successful completion, which da right to a training creditCicero.

The average time needed to complete this study module is 45 minutes.

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