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Gold is money ...

everything else is credit
JP Morgan

Investing in gold with guaranteed capital

SmartGold L

If there was the possibility of buying gold bars, kept in a vault, 100% insured, also insuring your invested amount even if the stock market value of gold should go down rather than increase, would you like it? AG, Bellinzona has agreed these framework conditions for its customers in cooperation withResonor SA, Lugano that allow such an insured investment starting from the purchase of 100 grams. This agreement, calledSmartGold L  allows you to invest in a highly PROFITABLE asset with 100% GUARANTEED capital already starting from just over 5000 .-- CHF.

To make an investment it is necessary to make a prior request and it is necessary that this request be accepted by Resonor. For the conditions of purchase, seeattached table.


To make the request for a SmartGold L purchase, the following documentation is required:

-SmartGold purchase agreement L

-SmartGold L brochure

-Form A for identifying the beneficial owner for investors over CHF 15,000

-Customer information if the investment exceeds CHF 100,000

- Copy of an identity document

The purchase option is subject to a financial and anti-money laundering verification that will be carried out by Resonor once the investment request has been submitted.. Resonor SA reserves the right, once the request has been evaluated, to accept it beginning the accumulation plan, or to reject it.

Any refusal of the request will be communicated to the customer within 5 days, no expense will be applied to the investor and any amount already paid will be fully and immediately returned to the customer.

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