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Gold is money ...

everything else is credit
JP Morgan

Regulations for participation in the Survey


at the mobile stands of MYSBC.CH SA


1. This competition is organized by SA CH-6528 Camorino.

2. Its purpose is to reward the members who make themselves available for participation in the survey at the stands organized by SA.

3. Anyone can participate in the survey, "excluding employees and their families", the request to participate can only be made at the authorized stands of SA and only for those who complete all the fields required in the survey.

4. The prize of the competition is a 24 K gold bar, 999.9% purity, weighing 10g, purchased from RESONOR SA Lugano and made available for extraction and delivery by MYSBC.CH SA Camorino.

5. The draw is scheduled for 09.07.2021, this date could be anticipated and / or postponed, in the remote hypothesis that this happens, the new date will be published on the mysbc site in this same regulation and well in advance.

6. The competition is free, the participant does not assume any commitment except those set out in points 8. and 9. of the draw rules.

7. Each participant may also request to participate in the drawing event, by sending an "online" request to mysbc well in advance (at least 30 days before the drawing, to adapt the spaces to the number of those present and in compliance with the rules legal requirements at the health level)

8. The participant who will be drawn will be invited, (via telephone contact), to collect the prize at the offices of MYSBC.CH SA in Camorino, Centro ala Monda 1, 6528 Camorino.

9. The awarded participant will allow MYSBC.CH SA (by release) to video record and disclose the delivery of the prize for advertising purposes.

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