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Our business philosophy:


As part of the company philosophy, if our first goal is customer satisfaction,   the second goal is the growth of the SBC Group; Growth that we intend to achieve, both with the opening of new offices throughout Switzerland, to be closer to existing and future customers.

To achieve this goal we are constantly looking for people who see themselves reflected in our corporate ideals and wish to undertake a career path full of satisfactions but also of constant commitment, perhaps one of these people could be you!

Are you an Independent Agent / Broker, or do you dream of opening your own insurance brokerage company?

Would you like to broaden your horizons and be able to offer your customers a broader insurance and financial package that could increase your income? SA is able to offer you very interesting master-broker contracts with thetheir partners, with which you can take advantage of the following advantages:

-A higher commission thanks to the participation with mysbc in administration commissions and super-commissions:for example,

- Commissions up to 40% or on the production volume for pension plans,

- courtage commissions up to 10% of premiums for car insurance.

- Commissions up to 6% for investment and savings plans.

- and many other benefits

-Additional services of your choice, including:

- Administrative handling of your practices

- Consulting rooms and offices

- Names (leads) of potential customers by category of interest

- Management and CRM software for SMS and E-mail marketing GDPR complient.

- Sales training and AFA training with the attribution of Cicero points

- Search and selection of collaborators for the development of your structure

- Assistance of internal and external specialists for particular consultancy in the corporate, financial, real estate and tax sectors etc ...

-Gradual introduction to opening your own brokerage company:

With mysbc you have the opportunity to gradually develop your skills and independence, starting from the type of collaboration most congenial to you and moving on to the next step, "maintaining your customer base" and the "commission flow"created by you in the previous step:


Contract as employee in training (by the hour, after basic training).


Contract as a commissioned employee with a fixed minimum income.


Contract as an autonomous AVS contributor (your company) for production figures up to 10M / year


Contract as a professional master-broker for production figures over 10M / year

Contact us to make an informative and informative appointment!

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