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Gold is money ...

everything else is credit
JP Morgan

Buy your gold by benefiting from the effect:

MyGold Plan

If there was the possibility of buying physical gold from as little as CHF 200 .-- / month, by regularly buying ingots produced and certified in Switzerland, kept in a vault, 100% insured, would you like it?

and ... if the cost of buying / selling bars, even if small and for small quantities, were only 3.5% (instead of 20%), would you not consider it extremely advantageous?

and ... if even for these small quantities, you could guarantee safe custody in a vault, including insurance and certification at the time of resale, for a full year with only 1% of the value of your investment in physical gold, would you have made a great deal? AG, Bellinzona has agreed these framework conditions for its customers in cooperation withResonor SA, Lugano. This agreement, calledMyGold Plan  allows you to invest in a profitable and secure way already starting from 200 .-- CHF / month.

To make an investment it is necessary to make a prior request and it is necessary that this request be accepted by Resonor.


To make the request for a MyGold Plan purchase, the following documentation is required:

-Resonor installment purchase agreement

-Form A for identifying the beneficial owner for investors over CHF 15,000

-Customer information if the investment exceeds CHF 100,000

- Copy of an identity document

This type of purchase is contingent, hisavailability is limited: the fact that an investor requests it does not guarantee that he will be able to be included in the list of investors at favorable conditions MyGold Plan.

Any refusal of the request will be communicated to the customer within 5 days, no expense will be applied to the investor and any amount already paid will be fully and immediately returned to the customer.

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