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The man of little knowledge ages like an ox.

His flesh grows, but wisdom does not grow.

The Buddha

When did you last check how much you remember of what you studied for the VBV / AFA exams?


With this module you will have the opportunity to test and review your knowledge in the insurance field. How does it work?

1. Click on the "test your insurance knowledge" button

2. Choose the module you want to test

3. Answer the questions

4. If the answer you provide to the questions on the cards is correct, click on "correct answer" and go to the next card: in case of wrong answer, you will be given a review form of the relevant topic.

This training module is approved and supervised byVBV / AFA: at the end of the test, the system will send a report of your interactions with the online test for the purpose of verifying its successful completion, which da right to a training creditCicero.The average time needed to complete each study module, depending on the cards that require further study, is 45-60 minutes.

This training offer is intended for all SA employees and you can access it via your personal login on the website

Good study!

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